You want apps? Nokia says they have them in latest ad [Video]


It is well documented that the one thing plaguing Windows Phone is a lack of apps. This one area is what prevents a lot of people from giving Windows Phone a try. Even Nokia themselves have released an Android phone to open up their devices to more apps. Still, the reality of the situation is not as bad as people make it out to be. That is exactly what Nokia has tried to show in their latest video.

The video is called “Nokia App Reality,” and it aims to squash a few myths about the “app gap.” The great part about this ad is they don’t just say “we have the apps,” but they actually prove it. First, they take us on a trip down “Perception Lane” and show how many apps Apple and Google have. They have tons and tons of apps, but “do you really need 1,000 apps just to turn on the flashlight?”

Nokia goes on the offensive to show how many of the top apps Windows Phone already has. They point out that the Windows Phone Store has doubled in size during the last year. Lastly, Nokia shows that most of the top free and paid apps of all time are available on Windows Phone. They even show replacements for the top apps Windows Phone doesn’t have. Here is where Nokia gets in a bit of trouble

They try to show a few apps that are exclusive to Windows Phone. Two of the three examples, Office and SmartGlass, are actually available on Android and iOS. This is quite a big oversight. There are plenty of exclusive apps they could have shown, but they chose two that aren’t actually exclusive. This puts a damper on an otherwise great ad. What do you think about this ad from Nokia?

  • justd80010

    Bit of trouble, lol… the ad effectively demonstrates that the app count on these platforms is duplicative and that no single user will EVER need 1000 flashlight apps (I have one and have never changed it) or 60 apps all of which begin with “flappy” and do essentially the exact same thing, take out the duplicates and the app count on Android and iOS would fall considerably. There are a core of approximately 100 apps that the bulk of users download and actually use, WP has just about all of them or client apps that are sometimes superior to the official apps (6tag anyone). Unless you have a craze for Indy apps, the “app gap” argument has been silly for about a year now. What remains true however is that apps first appear on iOS and Android, and are ported to WP sometime later. So if you’re using WP you may have to wait a few months for a hot app to arrive on that platform.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    Office works differently on WP than on Android – you need a 365 account for Android. Also Smartglass seems to work better on WP – I can actually use the dual screen feature on HBO go. – Apps still trickle in on WP if not at all which hopefully will be improved when Microsoft lowers the point of entry for the ecosystem

  • I agree with that, but that’s not what they said in the video.

  • Sam

    Microsoft Office is exclusive Windows Phone, iOS and Android have Office 365 for subscribers, they are two completely different apps.

  • While technically true, do you honestly expect a regular consumer to know the difference?

  • Nick Mantzoros

    nope – that’s why you can get away with stating that it’s an exclusive.

  • Sam

    They are two completely different programs, looks like even you are having issues telling the difference and you are a tech journalist.
    You should remove that reference from your article since you are the one suggesting that Office is not exclusive to Windows Phone, and will be a source of confusion to the simpletons looking to buy iOS and Android since you said it is available to those platforms.

  • I understand perfectly. What I’m telling you is that an average person does not realize the Android/iOS Office and WP Office are different. They will see the video and think Android/iOS does’t have Office.

  • JuanLanas

    Missing just one app so I can feel completely happy with my WP… And I know it is not the most necessary app ever, just use it a lot… Zynga Poker.

  • Karron

    They don’t have everythin popular they have all the old games nobody play. I want to play “Design This House” and “Sims FreePlay”. But no they don’t have it I been with them since Christmas and I want to turn to Android.

  • There are NEVER enough apps on ANY platform, as “the next big thing” might launch tomorrow

  • Arabella

    I agree with Sam, you ought to remove that reference. Office & office 365 are 2 completely different products. Try using 365 without an account.