Nokia Lumia 630 leaked with virtual buttons and several colors

nokia lumia 630

Now that the Nokia X series is out-of-the-way we can put our attention on what’s next from Nokia. There are a few rumored devices being tossed around, but today @evleaks has shown us one of them. The Lumia 630 (a.k.a. Moneypenny) can be seen in the image above in five glorious colors.

The special thing about the Lumia 630 is the virtual buttons. This will be the first Windows Phone device to support the newly enabled virtual buttons. These buttons will allow OEMs to further cut down costs on devices. Another “first” for this device is the omission of the camera button on the side. Up to this point every single Windows Phone device has been required to have one.

That’s all we really know about the Lumia 630 so far. It looks like a typical low/mid-range Lumia device. The green, orange, yellow, black, and white shells look great as usual. We’re not sure if this device will be running Windows Phone 8.1 at launch, but it is likely. We’ll hear more about these devices next month. Are you interested in a Windows Phone device with virtual buttons? In the past the answer from most of you has been “no.” Is that changing at all?

[@evleaks via WP Daily]


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