Sonos is looking for user feedback about potential Windows Phone app


Sonos is one of the coolest services out there if you are serious about listening to music. They allow users to send music from popular services, like Pandora, to internet connected HIFI speakers. All of this can be done with the remote control app. Unfortunately, Sonos is only available on Android and iOS right now, but that may change.

Sonos has put up a survey to gauge user interest for a Windows Phone app. The survey is very simple. It asks if you have a Windows Phone as a primary device, and if you own any Sonos products. That’s it. Sonos is clearly thinking about reaching out to new platforms. We would certainly love to be able to control music in every room with our phone.

Some of the other services that work with Sonos include Songza, Amazon, Beats, and more. We imagine Microsoft and Nokia would add their respective music services too, if an official app would arrive. Have you heard of Sonos? Do you use any of their products? Let them know in the survey below!

Ask Sonos Windows Phone

Thanks Kevin!


  • Nham Thien Duong

    I hope that when they’ll come to Windows Phone that they’ll also start integrating with Xbox Music, the largest (natural) music library on the internet. :-D

  • whynomicrosoftmusic

    Yes, but Xbox Music Microsoft music service is a must. it seems there are lots of smaller music services that Sonos will support, why not Microsoft Music?