Windows Phone 8.1 may introduce a new compact keyboard for phablets

compact keyboard

As screen sizes continue to get bigger and bigger Microsoft has to make some changes to how Windows Phone works. One area that has looked silly on Windows Phone phablets is the keyboard. It takes up almost half the screen on bigger devices, which is not a good use for all that screen real estate. A leaked slide from the Windows Phone SDK DevPreivew shows what could be a new compact keyboard.

The keyboard in the image doesn’t use up nearly as much of the screen space. Obviously this would not be something that regular sized devices would use, but for phablets it makes sense. Being able to see more on the screen is why people like phablets. It’s important that Windows Phone can provide that experience. Current devices are basically just a blown up version of the same thing you see on small phones.

Do you have a problem with the current keyboard on large devices? Would you want something like in the image above?

[ via Pocket Now]


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