Titanfall wallpapers for your Windows Phone

WP WALLPAPER titanfall

Tomorrow (March 11th) the gaming word is going to be hit with a bunch of Titans. Of course, we’re talking about the most eagerly anticipated next-gen title so far: Titanfall for Xbox One. Early reviews of the game have been overwhelmingly positive, which is very good for the Xbox One. There is a lot of pressure on Titanfall to do what Halo did for the original Xbox. That is, of course, sell many consoles.

To celebrate this awesome new game in the Microsoft ecosystem we have a few Titanfall lock screen wallpapers for your Windows Phone device. The wallpapers are in 1080p resolution, so they should look great on any device you have. The first wallpaper is based on the leaked Titanfall Xbox One console, and it is made by yours truly. The second wallpaper is a shot from the game art. The last wallpaper is an awesome design by deviantART user Obsolution. Click or tap the images below to save the full size.

Are any of you picking up Titanfall tomorrow?

titanwall titanwall2 titanwall3

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