Beautiful weather app ‘Vieather’ finally gets Windows Phone 8 support


Well look at that. Just last week we mentioned Vieather as an honorable mention in our Top 5 weather apps for Windows Phone. The reason we didn’t have it in the top 5 was because it lacked support for Windows Phone 8. It was still a beautiful app with great information available, but without some key WP8 features it just wasn’t up to par with the bog dogs. Today Vieather has finally been updated to support Windows Phone 8. Better late than never.

Version 2.0 is available right now in the Windows Phone Store. One of the most welcomed changes is support for up to 1080p displays. The annoying black bar has finally been vanquished. The forecast design has been updated from a line graph to a bar graph. It’s a nice visual touch. Vieather is also a bit faster now that it supports Windows Phone 8.

Some of the other features already available in Vieather include personalized accent color, live tiles, hourly format, metric, current condition, 12 hours forecasts, 7 days forecasts, and up to 4 locations.¬†We really like Vieather for being a lightweight weather app with a beautiful design. If you’re looking for a clean and easy way to get your forecast check out Vieather for free below.

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