WiFi Sense is the latest Windows Phone 8.1 feature to leak [Video]


Over the weekend another new feature from Windows Phone 8.1 was leaked on the internet. This leak showed off a new feature called “WiFI Sense” in a short video. We’re seeing a trend in 8.1 with these “Sense” apps. Data Sense has been around since Windows Phone 8, but now they are adding Battery Sense, Storage Sense, and now WiFi Sense. So what exactly is it?

The main WiFi settings page now has three things that can be done. You can toggle WiFi, go to WiFi Sense, and Manage. Two of those three can already be done in WP8, but WiFi Sense is the cool thing here. If you turn WiFi off there is a new option that lets you choose when to automatically turn WiFi back on. If you tap the WiFi Sense button there are even more options.

You can set up WiFi Sense to automatically log you in to public WiFi spots. There are settings for automatically accepting terms of use and entering an email address for sites that request it. If you’ve ever logged in to public WiFi and been redirected to a clunky site to enable it this will be a godsend. Your phone will do all the work. Of course, this also means you may get logged into networks without even knowing it. Your phone bill will appreciate that.

[UnleashThePhones via WPDaily]


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