Windows Phone is now more popular than Blackberry in the U.S.

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Way back in Q4 of 2012 Windows Phone passed Blackberry in worldwide market share. That huge accomplishment was made possible by countries like India, Finland, and Italy, but here in the U.S. Blackberry is more popular. Until now. The latest numbers from Comscore show that Windows Phone is now used by more subscribers than Blackberry.

5.11 million people in the U.S. now use Windows Phone devices. Blackberry owners are down to 4.95 million. This number is up 330,000 from three months ago, thanks in large part to the holiday season.┬áThe continued free fall from Blackberry has had just as much to do with this change. Blackberry hasn’t announced a new device since way back in September. A growing amount of consumers don’t even consider Blackberry an option when buying a new phone.

Blackberry’s decline and the growing interest in Windows Phone are making big changes in mobile. It’s been normal for years to see people using Blackberry’s out in the wild. Soon they will start being replaced with Windows Phone devices. Do you see many Windows Phone devices out in the world? How about Blackberry devices?

[via WMPU]

  • Raj Brar

    Great news for Windows Phone, I suppose that the tablets are not counted. Is there even a Blackberry sold in the US? If you don’t have an iOS device in California. People look at you funny

  • Peter

    Gaaaahhhh – you are comparing two different types of studies – new shipments of phones vs. installed base. They don’t measure the same type of “marketshare”.

  • Doug Downey

    Great news for Windows phone???? They have been going for over 3 years with their phone. BB10 is only a year old…