Microsoft backs the Qi wireless charging standard in support of Nokia

lumia 925 mod (12)

Windows Phone devices have been among the first to embrace wireless charging. This is thanks in large part to Nokia. Almost all of their high-end Lumia devices come with built-in wireless charging or can be enabled with external cases. Nokia uses the Qi for wireless charging, which is competing with PowerMat to become the universal standard. Today Microsoft joined the Wireless Power Consortium to back Qi.

Microsoft joins the likes of Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, HTC, LG, Nokia, and Samsung in support of Qi. We should also note that Microsoft, along with many of these companies, support PowerMat as well. Everyone seems to be playing on both sides of the fence to see which standard comes out on top. Nokia, however, is all in for Qi, which is likely why Microsoft has made this move.

It’s really a shame that these companies can’t come to an agreement on one standard. Most smartphones now charge via microUSB, which makes it super easy to find a way to charge you phone. It wasn’t always that easy, until everyone agreed on a standard. The same thing needs to happen with wireless charging. We should be able to plop our phones on any charger and watch it charge. Do you use wireless charging?

[via WPDaily]

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