[Poll] Will you buy a Windows Phone 8.1 device, or be happy with the update?

wp 8.1 mock

Last week we asked the question “Are you a Windows Phone fanboy?” 66 percent of you said “YES. LOUD AND PROUD.” Around 27 percent of you were a little more subdued, saying “Sometimes, but I try to keep it real.” Lastly, only 6 percent of you said “no” to being a fanboy.¬†We also got a bunch of great responses from readers in the comments. Now it’s time for a new poll question.

This week we are asking about Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft has already stated several times that all current Windows Phone 8 device will be upgrade-able to WP 8.1. This is a big change from how things went down with the jump from WP7 to WP8. If you wanted to use Windows Phone 8 you had to get a brand new phone. There was no other way.

Since everyone will be able to get Windows Phone 8.1, users will have an interesting decision to make. Will you spring for a shiny new device that was made for Windows Phone 8.1, or will you be content with installing the update on your current device? The only major feature that won’t be available to current devices (that we know of) is virtual buttons. Everything else that has leaked should be able to work on current devices.

Let us know in the poll below what you will do, and also share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

  • Ryan Lounsbury

    I’ll wait until AT&T gets their version of the Icon or whatever it will be to get 1080 & 5″ of awesome screen. Until then I’ll hold unto my HTC 8X and hope the WP8.1 update doesn’t cripple it as Apple updates often do to previous generation hardware.

  • Ammar Salman

    66% said Yes, 6% said No, and 27% said Sometimes
    66 + 6 + 27 = 99%
    So what did the other 1% say?

  • gar216

    I just bought the Icon so I’m gonna stay put. I’m not under contract so I may upgrade once I see what hardware Microsoft puts out once Nokia is out of the picture.

  • Sorry, it was 66.7 and 27.3.

  • Michael Harry

    Nokia really needs to stop with this exclusivity nonsense.

  • bikdav

    I would strongly consider an Icon (or any windows phone) if my carrier offered them. Windows biggest problem is that Windows phones are not offered by many carriers.

  • Kim

    I’m very interested in the Nokia 1820! But my dream would be a purple phone that has a larger screen than the 920; is thinner than the 920; offers QI wireless charging (somethign ATT keeps forcing out); and has at least a 20 mega pixel camera… I’m not asking for much. :)

  • peter allen

    bought lumia 800 on windows phone seven no upgrade then a windows phone 8
    920, if it’s a repeat of phone 7, no more windows phones.

  • myles

    people only have a “new phone” dilemma if they are out of contract or on payg otherwise
    this is a no question.

  • myles

    non question. Bloody Nokia auto correct.

  • YOLO

    Why isn’t there any option to say: nope, don’t care, moved on months ago~

  • neo_R

    Windows phone 8.1 is nothing but an update which will try to catch up with Android and ios. After using lumia 920 I finally changed to nexus 5 and then realised shortcomings in Windows phone. Currently m very happy with Android. I firmly believe that even Windows phone 8.1 will not be enough to save nokia.

  • wizzra

    Update should be just fine. Let’s hope the 8.1 update will be available to download for everyone, and aside from the included features, we will see a lot of bug fixes, speed increasing when opening apps/closing …etc.

  • wizzra

    Lumia Icon?