Top 5 News Apps for Windows Phone

Top 5 Apps news

Back in the day people used things called “newspapers” to catch up on everything that was happening in the world. The newspapers were large and unwieldy, and some sections were about things you didn’t care about. Thankfully, the internet has made reading the news much easier, especially with a smartphone. Staying informed about the things you care about is important. Check out our list of the best news reading/RSS readers available for Windows Phone!

1. Nextgen Reader


We are well-documented fans of Nextgen Reader here at WinSource. This app has been one of the best for a long time. Nextgen made the switch from Google Reader to Feedly flawlessly, and has only gotten better since. It has tons of options, including themes, and has a built-in Readability for articles. The developer is constantly working on updating the app, and there is even a great Windows 8 version. If you are a RSS power-user this is one app you really need to download.

2. Phonly


If you’re looking for a more simplified Feedly app you might want to check out Phonly. This app differs from a lot of the RSS apps available in the Store. Phonly was built specifically for Feedly, instead of being converted from a Google Reader app. As a result it has a much more Feedly-like design. There is a beautiful “Featured” view with big photos, and easy to read article pages. Phonly is great.

3. Magnify BETA


The newest app on our list is Magnify BETA. While the first two apps aim to give users access to Feedly, Magnify is trying to be like Flipboard. You can choose categories and interest to subscribe to, and the app will curate stories that should be interesting to you. Since it’s like Flipboard there are many cool and visually stunning animations. If you want something very visual and bold this is the app for you.

4. Fuse


When Rudy Huyn isn’t busy creating mega popular apps for Instagram and SnapChat he maintains one of the nicest RSS readers. Fuse has been around for a very long time, but it continues to be great.. The headlining feature in Fuse is the three very different themes. Your experience can vary greatly from someone else who uses Fuse just based on what theme you prefer. Don’t worry, all three themes are gorgeous.

5. NewsSpot


NewsSpot may be the most flexible of the apps in this list. Instead of only working with one RSS service this app works with four. You can use Feedly, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, or FeedHQ with this app. One of the best things NewsSpot does is sync articles for offline viewing. On top of that is has a beautiful design, easy to read articles, and a working live tile.

Honorable Mention

That’s our list! We know there are many other options available that work great. This is one area that Windows Phone has many apps to choose from. Share your favorites below!

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