Microsoft interactive anti-Apple ads promote the Lumia Icon and Windows 8

icon 5s

Earlier today we started noticing some new ads on this site from none other than Microsoft themselves. Usually we don’t pay much attention to new ads, but these caught our eye because they show the Nokia Lumia Icon and the Apple iPhone 5s. When we looked a little closer we realized these ads are actually interactive. Well, let’s see what Microsoft is up to.

The first part o f the ad asks the user to pick “which phone has superior video recording quality?” No matter which one you choose it will tell you the Lumia Icon “can zoom up to 3X and maintain video clarity.” It also takes a jab at the iPhone 5s and calls it “still a little fuzzy.” Okay, next question.

The next two questions are about Windows tablets and PCs vs Macs and iPads. There are a couple different questions that get cycled through. Some of them include “which PC has a touchscreen?”, “which tablet has a USB port?”, or “which one comes with a real keyboard?” The correct answer is always the Windows device, and that is also accompanied with a jab at the Apple product. The ad finishes showing how Windows is the “one experience for everything in your life.”

What do you think of these new ads? Should Microsoft be picking on Apple products like this? Do you think people will actually go through and play with the ad? We tend to think that poking the competition is poor form, but in this case it seems to do the job. Microsoft has to show people how their products are better, and this is one way to do it.

  • Cadenzza

    I hate those ads. It is same garbage like Scroogled campaign – it will appeal to hardcore Microsoft fanboys that already have Windows Phone or some sort of Windows device.

    Stupid marketing team.

    inb4 hater – Lumia920 and Win8 tablet here.

  • pirate78

    I do not like scroogled campaign. I dislike very much the type of ads that attack the competition. Microsoft needs to show off their products and what they can do (their recent goods are awesome), and leave attacking comparisons to the tech vlogs…not that they’re unbiased either :(

  • Russell Cowan

    How are these ads any different the anti PC ads that Apple did a few years ago? I say Microsoft well done; sometimes the only way to fight a fire is to start another fire. And we all know it has high time Microsoft and other Companies (Asus, Samsung, HP, Google, etc.) went after Apple with a vengeance.

  • Jay Kannan

    But somehow no one seems to have a problem with Sony attacking Microsoft for Xbox policies, sometimes bleating your own drum is not enough when the consumer refuses to listen

  • pirate78

    I do.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I am not attacking Microsoft, or excusing other companies from the horrid ads they produce attacking the competition. I think these ads do more harm then good. Apple ran their anti MS ads way back when and had successfully lost me as a customer to this day.
    The same goes for Sony in their war for the console. Or Acer and their loud whining at Microsoft’s entry into hardware (the Surface). Or Intel, for supporting all attack efforts directed at the ARM chipset product line Microsoft chose to support with the introduction of WinRT and WinServer.

    I understand that ALL companies run these types of ads, I sure hate it.
    At least make ’em funnier and more lighthearted.

    Love me some subtle tactical sarcasm;).