The Amazing Spider-man 2 swinging into Windows Phone this April


Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes The Amazing Spider-man 2 for Windows Phone. Gameloft has announced that the latest Spider-man movie game will be coming to Windows Phone this April. That’s slightly before the movie hits theaters on May 2nd.

TAS2 still allows players to web-sling through Manhattan freely, but they will notice the city is larger and there is more detail. The city is your playground to show off and be Spider-man. The villains in this game are inspired by the movie. You will engage Electro and the Green Goblin, along with a few other surprises. The game will be launching in April at the same time as Android and iOS. That alone makes this game special.

The original game has been received well by Windows Phone users, and we expect the same from this one. The original was an Xbox Live title, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this verion ditches that. Many companies have been opting out of Xbox Live certification in order to release games quicker. Keep your Spider-sense ready for April.

[via Gameloft]

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