All new ‘Microsoft Camera’ in Windows Phone 8.1 shown off [Video]

wp 8.1 mock 1

The next feature to be leaked from Windows phone 8.1 is the all new camera interface. Numerous features have been leaked on video before, and now it is the camera’s turn. We saw a screenshot of the camera several weeks ago, but now we can see it in action. The new camera app is being called “Microsoft Camera.” In the video below you can see it running on the Lumia 920.

The new camera app has a lot in common with Nokia Camera. There are quick shortcuts for just about everything you need, including lenses, video mode, burst mode, and gallery. There is even a section to put some commonly accessed settings. Overall it looks like a cleaner and more feature-filled app. We’re sure many people will continue to use Nokia Camera, but this will be a nice option for everyone else. Do you like the new Microsoft Camera?

[via Unleashthephones]


  • james

    i dont like it, for people that use the shutter on the side of the phone we’re just losing space on the screen.

  • Nick Mantzoros

    Would be nice for custom white balance. I was trying to take pictures of my Das Boot at the bar and they all came out red.

  • that_guy

    This looks real nice.