VLC for Windows 8 is finally available, but not on Windows RT


It has been a long journey, but VLC for Windows 8 is finally available. This app has been in development since December of 2012. Today they finally announced on Kickstarter, where the campaign began, that VLC can be downloaded now from the Windows Store. Unfortunately. at this time it is only available on Windows 8 as a beta, and cant be download on Windows RT. What does it have to offer?


  • Play every kind of video
  • Music playback
  • MKV support
  • FLAC support

So, pretty much what you would expect from VLC. It can play any file type you throw at it. The app works on Windows 8 and 8.1, but as we mentioned above, not RT. That is kind of a big fail. People wanted VLC in the Windows Store specifically for devices that can’t already download the VLC desktop app. A Windows RT version is indeed coming, but it should have been here at launch. Are you going to use this app over the desktop VLC application? Why or why not?

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  • Fantasm

    I already use the desktop version on my windows 8.1 tablet….
    I’m never going to bother with the Metro apps… so this version of VLC is pointless to me…
    Really, RT is a dead horse…

  • pirate78

    Looking forward to it running well on the WinRT. This player is needed. Those that don’t like metro should enjoy the desktop version, those of us that enjoy metro shouldn’t be ignored.