Microsoft is cutting Windows Phone licensing fee for some phone makers


It has been rumored for a while that Microsoft is considering cutting Windows Phone licensing fees. This, of course, would be a direct attack at Android, which has become so popular because it is free for OEMs to use. The Times of India is reporting that Microsoft has begun waiving the Windows Phone licensing fee already for a couple Indian phone manufacturers.

Karbonn and Lava were recently announced as new Windows Phone partners, and now they get to use it for free. Android phones are very popular in countries like India since they can be so affordable. Microsoft is hoping to combat that by making it easier for Indian phone makers to use Windows Phone.¬†There’s no word on whether Microsoft will eliminate licensing fees for bigger OEMs, like Samsung and HTC.

In case you were wondering, Microsoft usually charges anywhere from $5-15 per device for OEMs to use Windows Phone. Obviously that can add up very quickly for a company. This price cut will go along with support for dual-SIM and virtual buttons in Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft is trying hard to get Windows Phone into emerging markets.

[via The Verge]

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