Google and Microsoft are doing their part to kill dual-booting devices


There has been a lot of talk about dual-booting devices lately. The recent rumors have been about phones that can run Android and Windows Phone, but don’t forget about the dual-booting PC’s that were shown off at CES. Intel has been pushing Android/Windows PCs for a while. Google and Microsoft have never really shared their feelings about these devices, but it looks like they don’t like it.

The Asus Transformer Book Duet was one of the dual-boot devices announced at CES this year. A couple of reports from Taiwan, Asus’ home country, suggest that Google is strongly opposed to this device. On top of that the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is also interested in stopping such projects. Both of these developments have led to the Transformer Book Duet being “indefinitely postponed.”

This is very interesting for a few reasons. We can understand Google not wanting Android on PCs. They want to put ChromeOS on those type of devices. Microsoft being against it, however, is a little different. They have reportedly gave a couple of phone makers the green light on putting Windows Phone on Android devices. Why would they be against it on PCs?

The obvious answer is market share. Android dominates smartphones, and Windows dominates PCs. Dual-boot phones can improve Windows Phone market share. Dual-boot PCs, however, would just improve Android’s market share. Microsoft doesn’t want to do that. What do you think about this situation?

[via BGR]

  • gar216

    Makes sense both ways, but I would love a windows RT 8.1 device that also boots android.