Microsoft adds Image Matching to Bing Search

image match

Since I have switched to Bing, one of the things I miss about Google is Reverse Image Search. This feature allows you to search the web with images. It’s an awesome feature that comes in handy quite often. Today Microsoft is launching their answer to that feature with something they call “Bing Image Match.”

Simply put, Image Match allows you to find similar images across the web. To perform an image match just do a Bing image search like you normally would. When you click on a photo the preview window now has a new “Image Match” button underneath the bottom right of the image. Click or tap that button and you will be brought to a list of webpages that include the image.


Another way to perform an Image Match is to upload a photo or provide the URL to an image you want to find. Go to and click the “Image Match” button to the right of the search bar. You can paste the URL into the text box or choose to upload your own image. This feature works really well, and it brings Bing up to speed with Google Search. Do you use Bing? Will you use this new feature?

[via Bing Blog]

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