Nokia “Martini” will be called Lumia 930, successor to the Lumia 920


Earlier this month we heard about a new Nokia device codenamed “Martini.” All we know about the device is that it will run Windows Phone 8.1. Today we have learned slightly more about this mysterious Nokia device. According to @evleaks, the reliable Twitter leakster, the “Martini” will come to market as the Lumia 930.

The “Martini” is one of three Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 devices with James Bond codenames. The “Moneypenny” is now known as the Lumia 630, but we still don’t know the real name of the “Goldfinger.” Of the three devices the “Goldfinger” is expected to be the flagship. With a name like Lumia 930 we are pretty sure this device will be the successor to the Lumia 920.


Are you a Lumia 920 user? Are you ready to update? The 920 hasn’t been available for over two years yet, so most users would not be able to upgrade from their 2-year contracts. Still, the 920 was nice because it wasn’t a gigantic phone like the recent Windows Phone devices. It can appeal to a wider audience. What do you think about the Lumia 930?

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