Nokia Refocus update makes it available for all Lumia phones


One of Nokia’s coolest camera apps is a nifty little app called “Refocus.” This app mimics the technology found in a Lytro camera. Instead of focusing on something before taking a photo this app allows you to adjust the focus afterwards or even have the entire image in focus. Previously the app was available only to Lumia phones with a PureView camera. Today it was released for all Lumia phones.

Using the app is as simple as taking a photo. Just tap the screen or use the shutter button to snap the pic. Don’t worry about it being in focus just yet. After you have taken the photo the fun begins. You can tap anywhere in the photo to adjust the focus to that spot. You can even have the entire photo be in focus or choose one color to “pop.”

The coolest feature of Refocus might be the ability to share the photos and not lose the refocusing. When you share a photo it gets uploaded to Nokia’s website, and from there you can continue to fiddle with the focus. Try it on the image below (click the watch and monitor for best results).

Download Nokia Refocus below for free on all Windows Phone Lumia devices. If you take any cool photos be sure to share them with us!

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[via Nokia]


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