Nokia X amasses 1 million pre-orders in China

Nokia X-1

The Nokia X is an odd little device. It runs Android, but it has nothing to do with Google. It has the same specs as an existing Lumia phone, but runs much slower. This is certainly one of the strangest devices to be made. That hasn’t seemed to stop anyone from hopping on the bandwagon. Over in Chine the Nokia X went up for pre-order earlier this week. Already there have been over 1 million pre-orders.

These results are likely very pleasing to Nokia and Microsoft. Countries like China are precisely the target for this device. It may not push Windows Phone market share, but it will push Nokia and Microsoft services. The plan is for users to get attached to these services and eventually buy a device that runs them better, a.k.a. a Windows Phone. Whether that plan will pan out is still up for debate, but at least right now it is looking good. Do you have much interest in the Nokia X?

[Weibo (Nokia) via Phandroid]

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