How to easily open YouTube links in MetroTube


One of the most annoying things in Windows Phone is not being able to open links in their respective apps. YouTube links is where this would come in handy the most. Currently there are several great 3rd-party YouTube apps available for Windows Phone, but they don’t co-operate with the browser at all. A new trick from MetroTube lets you do that with a little hacky trick.

First visit the MetroTube website on your phone. Ccopy the javascript code and add it as a favorite bookmark. Now, whenever you are on a YouTube video page just tap that favorite and it will take you to MetroTube. Simple as that. If you really love MetroTube this is something you will definitely want to use. MetroTube adds a ton of features that the YouTube mobile site doesn’t have. Check out the instructional video below.

Thanks everyone!

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