6snap update adds the ability to take screenshots

6snap screenshot

The best SnapChat app for Windows Phone has just got even better. 6snap, by Rudy Huyn, has almost every feature from the official SnapChat app and more. But one feature has alluded Rudy: the ability to take screenshots of snaps and notify the sender. That last part is why the feature has been left out of previous builds of 6snap.

Rudy has not been able to figure out a way to notify users of when their snap has been screenshot. In order to protect the privacy of snaps he has blocked screenshots altogether. Until today. VersionĀ 2.9 finally adds the coveted s2.9 finally adds the coveted screenshot feature, but it’s not implemented the way you might expect.

In order to take a screenshot of a snap you simply press the camera shutter button while the snap is open. A notification will pop-up asking if you want to take a screenshot. Once you confirm your decision the screenshot will appear in your downloads folder, and the user will be notified. This is a very smart way to implement this feature, and since the sender gets notified of the screenshot everyone wins. Download 6snap version 2.9 below for free.

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