Instagram for Windows Phone can now display photos on the lock screen

Instagram lock

The official Instagram app has just received a rare update. This app was the most highly anticipate Windows Phone apps ever, but when it arrived without some basic features it was quickly forgotten. The app is still in beta and lacking features like video upload and direct messaging, but now you can set it to display photos on your lock screen.

You can now choose Instagram as the app to control your lock screen. Instagram gives you two options for what photos to display: home feed or your photos. Once you have it set up you will see something like the photo above on your lockscreen. The photos appear in chronological order from top to bottom. Some of the most popular photos appear larger. It’s a nice look for your lock screen.

Since the launch of Instagram for Windows Phone in November, the app has been updated a grand total of four times. It has gone from version 0.1.0 to 0.4.0. It still lacks important features that other Instagram apps have (including 6tag). We love lock screen support, but this app really needs to be updated more frequently.

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