Bing gets travel time, mileage, and turn-by-turn directions on the web

bing directions

Microsoft has been doing a lot to improve Bing recently. Last week they added a new “Image Match” feature to make finding similar images easier. Today they are announcing new features to improve travel results and navigation. This is another step in Microsoft’s goal to compete with Google Search. Let’s see if they can do it.

The new feature helps users get direction for traveling between two locations. The image above is the result of the search “directions from Los Angeles to San Diego.” Bing tells you the travel time, how many miles it is, and a map view of the trip. If you click the map or “Turn by turn directions” you are brought to a more in-depth look at the trip.

From there you can change your mode of transportation, add a destination, and see a step-by-step list of directions.┬áThese are features that Google has had for a long time. It’s nice to finally see Microsoft take Bing more seriously. If you would like to try out this new feature click some of the examples below. Are you using Bing yet?

[via Bing Blog]


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