Microsoft owns 3 of the top 10 apps in the Mac App Store


Historically speaking, Apple and Microsoft don’t have the best relationship. Despite that they support each other’s platforms pretty well. iTunes and Safari are still available for Windows users, and Office is available for Mac users. Microsoft needs Apple because they are transitioning to a devices and services company. Services need to be available on all platforms in order to gain popularity. That is exactly what Microsoft has been able to do.

If you look in the “Top Free” section in the Mac App Store you will find 3 Microsoft apps in the top 10. The #1 spot belongs to Microsoft OneNote, #9 is OneDrive, and #10 is Microsoft Remote Desktop. That last one alone shows how many Mac users are also using some type of Windows device. All three of these apps show just how popular Microsoft services can be if they are available everywhere. Of course, the grand scheme behind this is to get more people on Windows devices.

When Office eventually launches for iPad it is clear that Microsoft will be dominating productivity on Mac and iOS. The reviews of Apple’s own Keynote, Pages, and Numbers apps (which are supposed to compete with Office) are not very good. The potential for Microsoft is big. Microsoft wants to be about devices and services, and it looks like they are doing well at it so far.

[via The Verge]

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