Microsoft BLINK camera app gets a beautiful new look

blink new

A little more than a year ago Microsoft Research released a camera app called BLINK. This neat app allows users to take photos in rapid succession. You can also create short GIF-like animations. It’s a really cool camera app, and today it just got even better. Microsoft is rolling out a beautiful new redesign and some extra features today.

The new design looks a lot more like the Nokia Camera interface. There is a big shutter button and smaller buttons for switching the camera direction and flash. The screen for choosing photos and setting up the animation is slightly refreshed too. The app looks much more “grown up” now, whereas before it definitely had a “beta” look to it.

New features include an easy way to switch between Blink mode and Still mode. There is also focus lock, which allows you to lock an area of focus even when you move. The last new feature is a tutorial to help new users figure out how to use the app. BLINK is a really fun app that can help you get the perfect shot or just make a fun GIF. Download it below for free.

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