Former Microsoft employee arrested for leaking Windows 8

Windows 8

The tech world is driven by leaks. People are constantly trying to learn more about unreleased devices. Many sites and people have risen to fame by simply being leaking tech news. That practice is relatively harmless, but sometimes it can go too far. That is exactly what happened to a former Microsoft employee who leaked the full version of Windows 8.

Seattle PI reports that Alex Kibkalo is accused of stealing trade secrets and leaking beta copies of Windows 8 to an unnamed “French tech blogger.” The reason why? Alex was given a poor performance review at Microsoft. What;s even worse is that Alex also stole Microsoft’s “Activation Server Software Development Kit.”┬áThis software is used by Microsoft to protect against piracy. The French blogger was able to leak that online and allow people to circumvent Microsoft’s security. Alex will appear in U.S. district court today.

Leaking renders of unreleased Lumia phones is one thing, but when you steal copies of an unreleased (and usually expensive) operating system you are asking for trouble. How do you feel about leaks? Is it a necessary evil for tech sites, or is it an immoral practice?

[via The Verge]

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