Samsung calls Microsoft Surface a “laptop” and somehow that’s a bad thing


Samsung has gotten really good at marketing in the last couple years. This has really helped them rise to become the mobile juggernaut that they are now. Every once in a while they take a break from their usual “emotional” ads to take some shots at the competition. That is exactly what they have done with their latest ad for the Galaxy Tab Pro series.

The theme of the ad is “It Can Do That.” it shows people using Samsung tablets and bragging about what they can do compared with iPads and Kindles. Even the Surface makes an appearance. A lady with a Galaxy Tab asks a man to “move his laptop” to which he replies “it’s actually a tablet. A Surface.”┬áThen another Samsung user pipes in and says “well, it does have a keyboard; and a battery dock.” The lady isn’t done yet, either. She adds “and a mouse.” Then the two look at each other smugly with a look on their face like “we told him!”

There is so much wrong with this ad.

The Surface is a tablet, whether Samsung thinks so or not. It doesn’t come with any of the accessories they mentioned. You have to buy all of those extra. Just like if you would add a keyboard dock to your Samsung tablet. Plus, if you do add a keyboard to your Samsung tablet it certainly won’t fold up as compact as the Surface. The ad just screams “we couldn’t think of anything that our tablet does better than a Surface.”

What do you think of this ad by Samsung? Is it lame or super lame? Maybe you like it. Let us know below!

  • Steven Luker

    I am reminded of the old candy commercial: Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t. When you have a Surface, sometimes you want a tablet, sometimes you don’t.

    That’s one of the main selling points of the Surface 2 Pro for me.

  • kgherman

    “… and a mouse”… hahaha… having a mouse is BAD!!!!

  • NOLATechy

    “…and a mouse”….REALLY! You don’t “need” a mouse with a Surface tablet. It’s a TOUCH SCREEN! DUH!!! Just as the author says, wha’t the difference between a Samsung tablet and the Surface tablet. They can BOTH be converted into a “laptop-ish” device. Correction, the Surface can be converted to a laptop (because is has full Windows and can run older PC programs). The Samsung can add a keyboard and mouse, but well, that’s about it! Surface wins!!!!