ICYMI: This week on WinSource (3/16/14)


A lot of stuff happens in the tech world in the span of one week. Sometimes the news from Monday can be totally forgotten by the time Friday comes around. We don’t want you to miss any of the big news or features from the last week: enter ICYMI. If you aren’t hip to internet slag that stands for “in case you missed it.” This weekly feature will highlight the top posts from this site and the other mobile sites in our network. Let’s get started!

10. Samsung ATIV SE leaks again in full press render glory


Just a couple of weeks ago we saw the first press render of the Samsung ATIV SE. This device was originally codenamed the Samsung “Huron,” and was said to be a Windows Phone 8.1 device. @evleaks was the source of that first leak, and now he has shared yet another press render of Samsung’s next Windows Phone device.

9. Nokia Lumia 530 to be another successor to the Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 525

The Lumia 520′s popularity has been pretty well documented. Nokia really hit the sweet spot with price and performance. The popularity of the device makes a successor very important. The 520 is starting to show its age, even as a low-end device. Nokia released the Lumia 525 not too long ago, but they already might be working on another device.

8. Microsoft BLINK camera app gets a beautiful new look

blink new

A little more than a year ago Microsoft Research released a camera app called BLINK. This neat app allows users to take photos in rapid succession. You can also create short GIF-like animations. It’s a really cool camera app, and today it just got even better.

7. Microsoft owns 3 of the top 10 apps in the Mac App Store


Historically speaking, Apple and Microsoft don’t have the best relationship. Despite that they support each other’s platforms pretty well. iTunes and Safari are still available for Windows users, and Office is available for Mac users. Microsoft needs Apple because they are transitioning to a devices and services company.

6. Samsung calls Microsoft Surface a “laptop” and somehow that’s a bad thing


Samsung has gotten really good at marketing in the last couple years. This has really helped them rise to become the mobile juggernaut that they are now. Every once in a while they take a break from their usual “emotional” ads to take some shots at the competition.

5. Oops: Windows Phone 8.1 momentarily shows up on Microsoft’s website


Windows Phone 8.1 is getting very close. We’ve seen dozens of leaks in photos and videos the last few months. Lately we’ve seen some semi-confirmations from Microsoft themselves. They accidentally listed it on their main website. Oops.

4. T-Mobile Lumia 521 finally receiving “Lumia Black” update


One of the most popular Windows Phone devices in the US is finally getting the latest update from Nokia. “Lumia Black” has begun rolling out to the T-Mobile Lumia 521 today. The 521 is T-Mobile’s version of the massively popular Lumia 520, which has already received Lumia Black.

3. Sprint once again shows why they can’t sell Windows Phone devices

8XT sprint

The first Windows Phone device that Sprint carried was the HTC Arrive. This device did not sell very well for Sprint, which led them to eventually cancel the device. The problem, however, was not in the device. It was in Sprint themselves.

2. What do the icons on my Windows Phone 8 device mean?


There are quite a few icons that show up in various times on your Windows Phone. Some of them are obvious, others are mysterious. The status bar is where most of the icons appear. The status bar is the black bar at the top of the screen.

1. Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 8.1 in the Store


A couple of weeks ago at Mobile World Congress Microsoft held a small press conference. During that event they talked about the next version of Windows Phone, but they were very careful to never actually say the name “Windows Phone 8.1.” But not today.







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