eHarmony smoothly arrives in the Windows Phone Store


Love is in the air. The official eHarmony app for Windows Phone is now available to download. This popular match-making site was one of the original online dating places. It has now grown to become much more than just a dating site. The first release of their Windows Phone app looks very solid. Let’s take a look.

eHarmony says that 45% of users are registering on mobile devices. You can see why they would want to have apps on all platforms. The design of this app has a lot in common with their iOS app. Navigation is done through the four tabs across the top. You can view your Activity Feed, Members, Communication, and Profile. It’s easy to sign up, too. Which is the main reason why eHarmony wants this app.

We love it when official apps come to Windows Phone. If you’re into online dating this is one of the best resources available. If you are an eHarmony user, or interested in getting started, download the app below for free. Good luck!

download WP

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