Nokia’s version of Windows Phone 8.1 will be called “Blue”

Nokia Blue

We’ve been talking a lot about Windows Phone 8.1 the last few months, but one thing we haven’t heard about is Nokia’s version. Nokia always has a special version of ever Windows Phone update for their own Lumia devices. For GDR2 they had “Amber,” and for GDR3 there was “Lumia Black.” So what will Nokia call their update for Windows Phone 8.1?

Your first guess may be a color that starts with the letter ‘C,’ but it looks like Nokia is abandoning that pattern. Instead they will be using the color that Microsoft used as a codename for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1: blue. A new video posted by Nokia Russia mentions an upcoming update called “Nokia Blue.” It’s pretty obvious that this next update will be Windows Phone 8.1. The big question is what will Nokia have to offer alongside this update?

In the past they have added some extras to each update. With so much new stuff coming in Windows Phone 8.1 already is we wonder what else they can add. We’ll wait and see from Nokia and Microsoft next month. Check out the video below for the “Blue” reference towards the end (it is in Russian).

Thanks Mark and Vlad!


  • Nathan

    One thing that is for sure to be implemented in Nokia’s update is all the stuff they had included in their amber&black previous updates, which came and will keep on coming as add-ons to the WP OS.
    What is next to come, is of course another question.

  • lucoweb

    will I finally be able to use FB the way it’s meant to be?

  • Joe Fedewa

    What do you mean?

  • That is a problem with your FB account. Not the app. Fix this in your own FB settings.

  • Swapnil

    Instead of Blue they can use cyan that starts with C.

  • lucoweb


    after weeks with the clueless Microsoft staff, someone else pointed me to an article explaining that FB does not view the WP app as an “official” one, and as such locks down your friends’ posts based on their privacy settings.

    the result is that your timeline will only show updates from fanpages, not your friends. I have compared FB on WP with Android, desktop, even opened FB in IE under WP.

    all this to say that I’m pretty sure I know how this is going to end, but if can you provide step-by-step instructions I’ll be most grateful.


  • This is the most hilarious thing I have ever read. I work for FB, thanks for the laugh. My phone also says you are 100% incorrect. In fact the FB algorithms are tweaked to show around 80-90% friend posts. The WP app is an official one, it is made by Microsoft and not by Facebook. Microsoft worked closely with Facebook to bring this in, just as they have Facebook running on Xbox and Windows 8.

    All the posts you see on your phone now match 100% what you see on the Facebook home page as of 3 weeks ago Facebook narrowed down their API for fetching feeds.

    If you have such a disproportion of pages in your news feed to friends, that suggests you have tweaked your own feed algorithm. You can tweak it further by going to any post on the Facebook homepage, click on the little arrow on the top right of any post, then click on “Take a survey to improve News Feed”. Just doing that once will improve your feed, but you may need to do it a few more times.

  • Not sure where you got your information from, but I’ve got to tell you, reading what you wrote made me laugh out loud. I lead the Facebook development community and have got to say you are absolutely and 100% wrong. The Facebook app is an official one, developed by Microsoft with the help of Facebook, the same way Facebook works on Windows 8 and on Xbox.
    The same content you have on your phone is the content you have viewing Facebook online. They use the exact same API. Facebook does not in any way give special permissions to anyone to display feeds in any other way.
    If you are seeing posts only from pages, it means there is a problem with your account. Something you need to fix yourself by clicking on the arrow at the top right of any post on the Facebook home page and taking the survey to improve your news feed.
    Don’t spew misinformation. But I must thank you for the laugh.

  • lucoweb

    you’re welcome, but getting a giggle out of you doesn’t solve my problem.

    I’ve already tried the whole “click the arrow on the upper corner and share your concerns with Facebook” routine to no avail (surprise, surprise).

    in fact your arrogant, obnoxious response sums up MS’s attitude toward this matter as simply “not a real issue LOL works for me”.

    I have used the FB app on the iPhone and it worked flawlessly – also on Android. WP is the only place where it doesn’t work so don’t give me that “you have to adjust your account settings” crap.

    anyway, until I get this straight, this is what I’m telling people: don’t get a Windows Phone. it’s just not worth the hassle.

    in fact this is why your community is so much smaller than that of Android and iOS. you can’t even produce a link to an article explaining what I’m supposed to do.

  • The truth is there is absolutely nothing to do. Some people just like to poke at Windows Phone without any truth to their argument.

  • lucoweb

    FB works everywhere *except* on my WP and not a single soul is able to tell me why. how is that poking at Windows Phone without any truth to my argument?

  • Id be more tempted to believe if I saw some proof and then offer help. Otherwise I just see this as someone being a naysayer.

  • lucoweb

    ok. please write me on gmail (it’s the same handle I use on Disqus) and I’ll mail you a couple of screenshots to illustrate my point.

  • Hey Luciano. I’ve managed to reproduce the issue in the Facebook API. I’ve filed a bug to get this resolved, as I noticed it was affecting thousands of apps as well. Sorry for being so difficult and rude. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  • lucoweb

    no problem. I was too harsh too, and I’m sorry… this issue did get the best of me. I can still provide a snapshot if you like. :)

  • No need, I can now reproduce this on other accounts that aren’t mine 100% of the time!

    If I were to describe the issue, it is actually quite simple. On Facebook we get 3 different feeds through the API. 1 of them Facebook hidden last year which was essentially the “all” feed. Otherwise you can view posts by most recent or top posts. The Facebook app on WP is actually showing the “all” feed. Your friends posts are still appearing, but since you like so many pages and they post a lot, unfortunately they create a lot of noise and essentially drown out your friends.

    Facebook does a great job through the other 2 feeds to show your personal connections and only some of the pages you interact the most with. Sadly that filter isn’t on in the Facebook app on WP, so now you have more of a Twitter style feed going on.

    Nevertheless, it is an issue. We’ll have to see what Facebook says on this issue.

  • lucoweb

    weird. I was under the impression that my friends’ posts were not displayed at all due to privacy settings on their accounts. I did scroll a lot – an awful lot – and never got to see such posts.

    anyways I’ll ask a couple of my friends to customize some of their privacy settings together and see what happens.

    I’ll report back in a few days with results.

  • lucoweb

    you, sir.