Samsung ATIV SE coming to Verizon in mid-April


As the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 draws near we are starting to hear more about the hardware that will run it. Nokia, of course, has been a major point of interest in this conversation, but other OEMs have been mentioned. Surprisingly, Samsung is the one that has had a few device leaks already. They somehow managed to be the first to announced a Windows Phone 8 device, and they could be the first to launch a Windows Phone 8.1 device too.

The Samsung ATIV SE has been leaked a few times already. It is destined for Verizon as their first Windows Phone 8.1 device. Other than that there is not much known about this phone, but today we have learned a little bit more. First, @evleaks shared a new render of the device with a slightly darker shade of grey and an even more pronounced “faux metal” back plate.


Next, a trusted source says that the ATIV SE will hit Verizon store shelves on April 18th for $600 off-contract. That’s just two weeks after Microsoft will allegedly announce Windows Phone 8.1. The same source says another phone will launch the week before, on the 9th, but maker and carrier were not given. We’re excited for new devices. Are you?


[via wpc]

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