YouTube app ‘Toib’ now available for all Windows Phone users


The official YouTube app for Windows Phone isn’t coming any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you should be without your favorite web videos. There are a few solid options available for accessing YouTube. The newest one is called “Toib,” and it’s from the developer that brought us Phonly. This app has left beta and is now available to download.

Toib borrows a lot of the design from Feedly, and that’s a very good thing. We loved how Feedly looked and operated. We feel the same about Toib. You are first greeted with a page of thumbnails for popular videos, but you can easily switch to different genres. A swipe over shows a full list of your subscriptions (assuming you are signed in) and a number for how many unwatched videos.

Some of the main features include the ability to login to your YouTube account, live tile support for channels, HD playback, and Buffer support. The video player page on Toib allows you to read comments, rate the video, and see related content. It’s a very nice first release of an app. We’ll have to put Toib up against the top YouTube apps for Windows Phone. Download Toib for $0.99 or free trial.

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  • JuanLanas

    Won’t pair with a smart tv… or couldn’t find the option… The app is great, just missing that one option that I use all the time!

  • The app is great but couldn’t find the option to pair with smart tv and I use it a lot. Is it possible that I just didn’t see the option?

  • You’re probably not going to find that option on any of these 3rd-party YouTube apps.

  • Actually, Joe, it is on the other apps… Just that those apps are not good at all… Too bad, but thanks!

  • What apps have it?