Microsoft revokes Windows Phone app that allowed downloading paid apps for free


There are some things we do not report on, here at WinSource, for moral reasons. One of those things happened to pop up on Reddit recently. Someone created an app called “Free Market.” The function of this app was to search for apps listed in different regions. Why? Because in some countries apps may be at a lower price or even free. Essentially the app allowed users to pirate paid apps.

We did not report on this for obvious reasons, but today we are happy to report that the app has been shut down and removed by Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft went a step further and even revoked the app from people’s phones. Anyone who had the app installed will no longer find it on their device. This is something Microsoft only does in extreme cases.

Obviously there are other ways to get paid apps for free. Microsoft is never going to be able to stop it all. This app, however, made it much too easy. Developers are already hesitant to spend time on Windows Phone because there might not be as much money in it for them. An app like “Free Market” will just scare them away even more. We’re glad to see Microsoft is protecting their platform.

At the end of the day most of these apps only cost a few dollars. If you pay $4 for an app you will get your moneys worth in a couple of days. Show support for the developers you appreciate by buying apps. This will help everyone in the long run. What are your thoughts on pirating apps?

Thanks everyone for the tips!

  • Ayman

    Thank you so Much

  • McHale72

    I wouldn’t declare Windows Phone App Piracy as the reason developers aren’t developing for Windows Phone. Android has little to no security on apps and they made it very easy to copy and share with your friends or even the internet. It hasn’t affected Android apps at all.