Microsoft to enable developer replies in the Windows Phone Store


Microsoft has been doing a lot to the Windows Phone Store in preparation of Windows Phone 8.1. Last week they started listing all Windows Phone 8 apps as compatible with WP8.1. Yesterday they finally gave the search algorithm some much-needed love to improve results. Now it looks like they are ready to allow developers to respond directly to reviews.

Our friends over at WPDaily discovered something interesting when looking at the “Report Concern” screen in the Store. A new option allows users to report an “inappropriate developer response to my review.” It’s currently not possible for developers to respond to reviews, so obviously this is a new feature. This would be a great tool for developers.

A lot of times people will leave bad reviews because they don’t understand something. Developers then have no way to tell the person that they are using the app incorrectly. The bad review just sits there and negatively impacts the app’s rating. Hopefully we hear more about this next month. Do you like this feature?

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