Quick look at Endomondo Beta for Windows Phone 8

endomondo beta

Last week we told you about Endomondo asking for beta testers for their upcoming Windows Phone 8 update. Since I am an Endomondo user I was quick to jump in to the beta program. Today I finally got my hands on the beta version, and it is very nice so far. Let’s take a closer look at what will be coming to Endomondo soon.

The biggest new feature is the brand new UI. The font weight has been trimmed down to look much cleaner, and the play button is not so gigantic anymore. There is a new page with colorful tiles that give you quick access to things like your newsfeed and history. Also on that page is a shortcut to maps, which have been switched from Bing Maps to “WP8 Maps.” I haven’t had a change to take Endomondo with me on any workouts yet, but the app feels much better already. Check out the full list of features below:

  • Redesigned UI, with all new icons and styles
  • Bing Maps replaced with WP8 Maps
  • WP8 Text to Speech integration for audio coach (for now supports only English)
  • Settings synchronization with server (units, weight, Facebook sharing, etc.)
  • Fixed Facebook integration; Single sign-on support, workout sharing
  • Workout history synchronization – you can now download workouts from server, you can also delete workouts
  • Load older entries in news feed
  • Added more sports
  • Live tile removed for the time being
  • Multiple bug fixes

This update is schedule to be available for everyone next month. We’ll let you know as soon as it arrives. The weather is finally starting to get better, which means this app update will arrive at the perfect time. What fitness tracking apps do you use?

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