HTC may be making a Windows Phone 8.1 version of the HTC One (M8)

HTC One M8

Yesterday HTC unveiled their new flagship Android phone, the One (M8). This is a slightly refined version of their beautiful One from last year. There were rumors back then that HTC would make a Windows Phone with the same hardware as the One, and now that same rumor is popping up again with the M8.

A report from WPDang suggests that HTC is indeed planning a Windows Phone version of their new phone.┬áThe report says HTC is planning to use at least soe of the same elements from the M8. The new device will run Windows Phone 8.1. The M8 has a 1080p 5-inch display, quad-core Snapdragon processor, and 4.1 “UltraPixel” camera with 2MP focus sensor. All of these feature would work with Windows Phone just fine. Plus, since the M8 has virtual buttons HTC wouldn’t even have to change the capacitive keys to match Windows Phone.

We would love to see this hardware running Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia phones are very nice, but HTC is also great at industrial design and build quality. The HTC 8X was a great device back in the day, and the M8 with Windows Phone could be even better. Are you interested in a new HTC phone with WP8.1?

[via WPDaily]


  • Azzam Nisar

    Yes, it’ll be great

  • TheBluesOne

    eagerly looking forward to it!!!

  • Jackstraw

    I have for the most part been happy with my HTC one specifically the build quality. Android had been good after my ios period came to an end. I feel the need to try win 8.1.HTC may just be the answer.

  • g

    long time blackberry user would seriously think about switch if HTC One Win 8 version was available. Already an Office 365 user so fighting the gravitational pull closer to the evil empire is futile.

  • Tom Sullivan

    Lets hope they wake up to the fact that a megapixel count of four and the dropping of OIS in the M8 makes it a tough choice for potential buyers. Wake up HTC!