Lumia 630 with Start Screen background shows up in the wild

lumia 630 china

The Nokia Lumia 630 has been spotted in press renders, but we’ve never seen this device in the real world. Today a few photos of the 630 popped up over in China. In these photos we can clearly see a few Windows Phone 8.1 features. The most obvious feature is Start Screen backgrounds, which can been seen in the top right photo. But wait, there’s more.

In that same photo we can see the virtual buttons with the accent color theme (blue in this case). Lastly, the Start Screen is in the three column layout, which will be an optional feature on all devices in Windows Phone 8.1. We don’t know a lot about the 630 yet, but we do know it will be a low/mid-range device, and it will come in green, orange, yellow, white, and black. This should be an excellent entry-level Windows Phone device, and maybe the first with virtual buttons.

[via wmpu]


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