New screenshots show off the Store in Windows Phone 8.1


One of the few remaining things from Windows Phone 8.1 we haven’t seen yet is the Store. This is obviously a very important part of the OS, and there are many complaints about it. Earlier this week Microsoft started to fix one of the biggest gripes we’ve had with the Store, but that’s just the beginning. There are a lot more changes headed to the Windows Phone Store.

Recent leaked screenshots show that the Windows Phone Store is finally getting some much needed attention. There are a number of new features coming, much like what the Windows Store got in Windows 8.1.¬†One of the most welcomed new features will be automatic app updates. You won’t have to worry about checking the Store every so often. Of course, if you don’t like this feature you don’t have to enable it.

The first thing you see when opening the Store will be featured apps, but it won’t just be one app anymore. A new “personalized” section will show app recommendations and let you see your app history. Screenshots will appear underneath the app description instead of on their own page. Lastly, “Store” is now uppercased. Nothing is left untouched in Windows Phone 8.1. This is the massive update we’ve been waiting for.

[wpc via Neowin]


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