Forum Talk: Malware, Flappy Sheep, and Lumia 630

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It’s been a while, but we’re back with another edition of Forum Talk. What is Forum Talk? This is where we try to shine some light on great or lesser known forum threads. You can find our forums over at We also have an easy Q&A feature that allows you to ask questions without even making an account. Most of the time we will have an answer for you. This week we want to showcase a couple of threads and a new subforum.

Thread: Malware protection in addition to MacAfee

An anonymous user asks the question “Is a specific malware software needed in addition to regular virus protection to protect my PC?” I answered the question by telling the user that most anti-virus does include malware protection, but that raised a good question. What anti-virus software do you use? Can you help this user out?

Thread: [FREE GAME] Flappy Sheep Madness

We are all sick of Flappy Bird…but Flappy Sheep is another story. This is yet another clone based on the uber smash hit that disappeared from app stores not long ago. This game looks very nice and clean. If you are still in need of flapping with some sort of animal this is a nice option.

Forum: Nokia Lumia 630

We recently created a forum for the upcoming Lumia 630. This device will be one of the first to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 on board. If you are curious about this device, or when you get one you have some questions, check out this forum. Hopefully as more people get it or we hear more news it will start filling up.

Join our forums today to find new apps, talk to developers, geek out with fellow tech heads, ask questions, and a whole lot more. There is nothing more fun than joining a community of people who love the same things you do. Have a good weekend!

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    Hey, whatsup ? No new articles for the past few days. Are you guys ok ?

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    What happened to Win Source? I hope everyone is ok!

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    WOW! I guess Joe Fedewa got tired of having a Windows Phone and finally went with an Android.

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    hey, are you guys ok?

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    Yep. Just found out Joe is writing for Phandroid now. I guess they are doing away with the Winsource site.

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