New video shows parallax effect on Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen


The Start Screen has been a big area of focus in the Windows Phone 8.1 leaks. Once users caught wind that they might be able to have backgrounds on the Start Screen the excitement started rising. Then we found out that the background will actually be on the live tiles instead of behind them. People have been divided on how good this looks, but one things that has been tossed around is the idea of a parallax effect.

What is parallax? It is an effect used to create depth. You can see it in action on the Windows 8 Start Screen. The background scrolls at a different speed than the live tiles. A leaked video has shown off a similar effect with Start Screen backgrounds in Windows Phone 8.1. As you can see in the .gif below the image in the tiles is moving slower than the tiles themselves. It’s a very cool effect.


What do you think of this parallax effect and Start Screen backgrounds in general? Will you use this feature or keep it like you have it now?

[via YouKu] Thanks again everyone!


  • kgherman

    Pretty cool! Not sure how useful or desirable is it in the long run though…

  • Douglas Baião

    OMG, this is genial!!! Microsoft and Nokia win!

  • Nick Mantzoros

    I still like the flat effect

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Cool effect.

  • ρrστhrίlls

    That’s a neat effect.