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Nokia X amasses 1 million pre-orders in China

The Nokia X is an odd little device. It runs Android, but it has nothing to do with Google. It has the same specs as an existing Lumia phone, but runs much slower. This is certainly one of the strangest devices to be made. That hasn’t seemed to stop anyone from hopping on the bandwagon.

Nokia does not want Android apps on the Nokia X to mimic Windows ...

It’s plain to see that the Android home screen on the Nokia X devices looks like Windows Phone. This was a concerted effort by Nokia to get people familiar with live tiles and introduce them to Nokia and Microsoft services.

The Nokia X will not be coming to North America

Earlier this week Nokia finally unveiled their new “X series” of Android devices. These low-end devices are intended for emerging markets to push Microsoft services. Nokia mentioned that they will be available in the Asia Pacific, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Nokia X is a slow and laggy Android mess

Use a low end Android phone and you will be greeted with plenty of lag. The Nokia X is certainly not immune to this. A Vine from someone at MWC shows just how slow the X is at opening an app.

The Nokia X will be Microsoft’s first and last Android devi...

The baggage in this relationship is Nokia’s new Android phones. Microsoft has not been shy about how they feel about Google and Android. ” Yet, once their deal with Nokia is finalized they will be sitting with three Android devices under their umbrella.

Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia X family [Chart]

Now that the X devices are out we have to compare them to their Windows Phone counterpart: the Lumia 520. As you can see in the chart above they are all very similar. The 520 and the Nokia X are essentially the exact same device, save for storage and physical size difference.

Hands-on with the Nokia X and XL from MWC [Video]

Nokia officially has an Android phone. In fact, they actually have three. Earlier today Nokia officially announced their new “X line” of low-end Android devices for emerging markets. These devices are designed to really push Nokia into the markets that couldn’t reach with Windows Phone.

Nokia goes green: Nokia X Android phones officially announced

After months and months of rumors and speculation the Nokia X is finally real. Nokia’s long awaited Android device is officially real, but it’s not the flagship that Android users were hoping for. It also has some brothers.

Nokia X gets teased again, this time with some weird clues

By now it is a well know fact that Nokia will be announcing their first Android phone at Mobile World Congress next week. There have been dozens of leaks and Nokia themselves have started to tease it. After turning their social networks green last week, today Nokia is making the tease more official with a countdown and some weird photos.

Nokia goes green and drops hints about Nokia X availability

Well folks, this is it. The evidence has been piling up about Nokia unveiling their first Android phone later this month. So far Nokia has not said a word, or even teased anything, about it. That changed yesterday when all of Nokia’s social media accounts suddenly went green.