Candy Crush for Windows Phone


A couple of weeks ago we posted our 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards. One category was “Most Wanted App,” and you guys chose Candy Crush Saga as the 5th most desired Windows Phone app. A new rumor out of WPHermes says Candy Crush will be arriving on Windows Phone soon in Q1 of 2014.

This information is reportedly from sources inside Microsoft. We’re taking this rumor with a large grain of salt, and you should too. If Candy Crush does indeed arrive for Windows Phone this quarter it would be a massive win. We’ll believe it when we see it. Candy Crush has become an uber-popular game for Android and iOS. It has reached Angry Birds-level of popularity.

What is it, exactly? The game is dead simple. All you do is try to connect lines of matching candy until you reach the desired goal. What makes it addicting is how close you can get and still lose, and also the energy system which only allows you to fail so many times until you have to wait for more lives. How many of you play Candy Crush? Do you want this game?