Analyst calls Microsoft Surface the next Zune

When it comes to technology insults “Zune” is right up there as one of the worst things to be compared with. Microsoft’s iPod killer was loved among its users, but failed to reach any significant market share. Last year it was axed for good, and now it just lives on as a joke. Canalys analyst Tim Coulling mentioned the Zune in comparison with Microsoft Surface:

“The information available to date suggests the prices of both will be too high to capture significant market share, and a direct sales approach will prove inadequate. We expect the Surface pads to have a similar impact on the PC industry as Zune did in portable music players.”

This is another example of potential “Claim Chowder” that we talked about this morning. Whenever a new product like Surface comes out there are people who don’t see the vision. Microsofr Surface may not be as succesful as the iPad, but we certainly don’t think it will be a Zune.

At least he didn’t say Kin.

[via BGR]

  • The Zune was by far the best PMP on the market at any point ever. I still use the software as my main (non-streaming) music player and my 16gb flash Zune is still my pmp of choice.

    Don’t trash on the Zune.

  • spicymeatball

    So what’s the tipping point and how do they reach it. They never reached it with Zune probably due to not having an itunes killer(personally hate it). The bottom line is that I don’t need a tablet and they don’t really offer me more than a simple movie, music, book, magazine, tv watching device. My kids love the iPad for the games and that pretty much sums up the situation. If Microsoft can make superior games for Surface(games not found on ipad3 and android) and some great productivity tools I can’t get on iPad or Android then I could be convinced.

  • Joe

    Like I said, its loved by its users.

  • They should have just gave everyone a Zune. Then the world would be all “man, I can’t wait for another piece of cool Microsoft hardware.”

    …of course, that’s not the greatest business strategy lol