IDC: Microsoft has shipped 900,000 Surface tablets in Q1

surface work rt

According to the latest report from the IDC Microsoft may be doing better at selling Surface tablets than originally thought. Microsoft has still not given official sales numbers, but the IDC says that Microsoft shipped 900,000 Surface tablets during Q1 of this year. A very respectable number.

The IDC says that Surface Pro made up most of the 900,000 shipments. Surface RT. and WIndows RT in general, is not selling that great. These Q1 numbers put Microsoft into 5th place on the top vendors for tablet sales. Microsoft was only at 1.8% while Apple continued to dominate at nearly 40%. The numbers are starting to get better, but it’s a steep hill to climb.

How many of you have a Surface tablet? RT or Pro? Hopefully Microsoft can take this Q1 momentum and continue it into Q2. Do you think they can?

[via The Verge]

  • markjonson

    I have a Surface RT. It does everything I need out of a tablet without the limitations of a second-rate web browser. I couldn’t imagine going with the Pro, as heavy and thick as it is. Just doesn’t make sense for the price.

  • tony

    Love my office on surface. If office were a drug, I would be in rehab constantly!

  • User909

    I’ve got the Pro. As a student, there’s no machine more capable (or even at all capable) of doing everything from running my Office software, to letting me take notes in class with the stylus and OneNote, to playing portal.
    The Surface Pro has completely replaced my laptop, tablet, pens, pencils, and notebooks. Better battery life would be fantastic, but I think people lose sight of what machines are really capable of. For a 2 pound device that runs an i5 processor, digitizer touch screen, and 1080p resolution, a battery life of 5 hours is something I can work with.