HP Windows 8 PCs already in stock and on display at some Best Buy locations

A loyal WinSource reader has sent us photos from a Best Buy in St. Cloud, MN that has several Windows 8 devices in stock, on display, and ready for pre-order. Windows 8 officially went up for pre-order today, and some devices have been up for pre-order online, but this is the first time we’ve seen actual devices on display in stores.

In the photos we can see five Windows 8 devices on display. The HP¬†Pavilion¬†23 AIO, the Envy 23 TouchSmart AIO, the Envy TouchSmart ultrabook, and two Envy m6 laptops. The devices are not yet ready for sale, but they are in stock and can be played with on display. The devices also seem to be running Windows 8 demo videos to show off the OS. Check out your local store if you’d like to get a taste of Windows 8.

We can expect to see more retailers get Windows 8 devices in stock as October 26th draws near. This truly is a very exciting time to be a Windows fan.

  • Now if only all the BestBuys within a decent distance from me hadn’t closed.